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Al Rostamani Communications LLC (ARC) is a leadings it solutions and services provider in UAE. We provide enterprise it solutions, networking systems,ELV systems , cctv system, Access Control System, security systems and managed it service. To know more about ELV system, call our expert now!


Audio Visual

Enterprise Solutions

  • Enterprise-wide converged network infrastructure.
  • Integrated Building Management Solutions.
  • Tele presence Solutions
  • Audio-Visual Solutions
  • Collaborative Meeting Rooms
  • Automated Conference Rooms
  • Mobile Multimedia
  • Training Rooms
  • Rich Media Capture and Streaming
  • Corporate Briefing Centers
  • Enterprise Customer Experience Centers

Learning Solutions

  • Campus –wide network infrastructure.
  • Integrated Building Management solutions.
  • Learning Management Systems.
  • Student Information Systems.
  • Green Data Center
  • SMART Classrooms
  • SMART Room ware
  • SMART Lecture Theatres
  • Distance Learning
  • Multimedia Laboratories
  • Language Labs
  • Gymnasiums
  • Cafeterias


PA/BGM system has become an essential item in any Hotel, Residential and Commercial buildings. Advantages of having a PA/BGM system in a building are as follows:

  • Provide announcement during emergencies and lifesaving situations when interfaced with the fire alarm System.
  • Playing Centralized Background Music in the building
  • Broadcast instant messages to designated zones
ELV Systems
Access Control / Gate Barrier


Access Control

Controlling access to your facilities and its assets is fundamental for a safe and secure environment. Schneider Electric designs, manufactures, installs and supports feature-rich access control systems that meet the most stringent security requirements and government regulations. Our systems provide encryption and authentication to enable tamper-proof communications between controllers and workstations. Our access control systems offer:

  • Easy control of access points—doors, gates, parking garages, elevators, production areas, data centers, research labs, operating suites, etc.
  • Flexible access scheduling
  • Customized forms and templates for editing and managing personnel access rights
  • Effective identification through photo badging or biometrics
  • Permissions based access to designated security zones
  • Single card systems that allow for decentralized control of security zones
  • A flexible, programmable, scalable and networkable solution
  • Seamless integration with other security applications, badging systems, and personnel records
  • Interoperability with third-party devices, easy expansion, and future-proof investment, because our systems are based on open protocols
Gate Barrier

We provide a comprehensive range of imported gate operator equipment for both residential and commercial gates. For new gates or existing gates, for open gates and timber gates. For large gates and small gates, for gates that open inwards or outwards, for large or small columns. Our range of products includes gate, door and road barrier applications.

ELV Systems


SMATV (Satellite Master Antenna Television System), A community Distribution system for signals received from multiple satellites, Terrestrial channels & Radio. These signals will be mixed with the help of “MULTISWITCH” and distributed with a single and separate cable to each household in the community building

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is a system where digital television services are delivered over the internet by using Internet Protocol. The video channels and programs are delivered to the television sets through a broadband connection, instead of being delivered through the conventional cable or broadcast formats. The video streams are encoded into a series of internet protocol packets and then carried out through the Internet which can be received by anyone by having a set-top box and a subscription for the service. IPTV is generally provided bundled with the VoIP and the internet access which is referred as “Triple Play” service.




Advances in CCTV technology are turning the video surveillance into one of the most valuable loss prevention, safety/security and management tools available today. Retailers use CCTV to monitor for shoplifters and dishonest employees, compile recorded evidence against bogus accident claims and monitor merchandising displays in stores that may be hundreds of miles away. Manufacturers, governments, hospitals and universities use CCTV to identify visitors and employees, monitor hazardous work areas, thwart theft and ensure the security of their premises and parking facilities.

Security Applications

  • Observe and record theft or violence by overtly monitoring retail floor space, office buildings, building perimeters, warehouses, loading  docks and parking garages.
  • Monitor sensitive areas where infrequent activities occur (i.e. confidential records, safes, etc...)
  • Monitor point-of-sale exceptions (cash register voids, over-rings, etc...) reducing cashier theft.
  • Observe and record shoplifting activities.
  • "Walk a beat" by programming a moving camera to pan, tilt, and zoom within a defined pattern.
  • Perform covert surveillance (where legally applicable)
  • Integrate with access control systems to provide video of persons entering and leaving the premises
  • Complement asset tracking systems to provide video when a tagged asset leaves the premises.

Safety Applications

  • Allow operators to see into areas where the environment is hazardous to life or health
  • Monitor potential accident areas.
  • Monitor residence halls, common areas, or high-risk areas to ensure safety of an educational institution's students and faculty.
  • Help reduce the severity of some incidents by the timely dispatch of police, fire, and emergency personnel.

Management Tools

  • Train employees, check stock on store shelves and monitor retail sales floor coverage, production lines, etc.
  • Demonstrate management's due diligence towards protecting employees, clients, and visitors, and perhaps avert or minimize litigation and negative publicity
  • Document video images on magnetic tape or optical hard drives to record events. This information may be reviewed and later presented as evidence for prosecution of criminals, or as a training tool.
Security / Intercom


Intercom systems are widely deployed and used in numerous types of facilities around the world -- ranging from residential to commercial to high security military facilities. It is the communications system that offers optimal security for people, goods and valuables. The communications system also enhances safety and provides an added sense of security.

Intercom systems are comprised of communication servers and communication stations. Communication servers are modular and support various communication protocols and transmission methods. Data communication between servers is typically Ethernet-based.

Communication stations support either the standard TCP/IP protocol or the manufacturer's proprietary serial protocol. The former requires a standard Ethernet twisted pair cable connected to network switch, while the latter may use either a 2 or 4 conductor cable, and are wired directly to the communication server.

Communications stations are categorized as master or slave (substation). Master stations are installed in the command and control center while the substations are installed at remote locations. The main distinction is the functionality of the station. A typical substation has a single push button to initiate the voice communication. Master stations have a numeric keypad and multiple function keys to perform several different functions with more than one connected substation..

Voice communication is normally initiated at the substation. When the push button at the substation is pressed, it opens a voice channel with to a pre-determined master station. This voice channel can be forwarded to a different master station if the designated master station fails to answer the call within a predefined duration.