Ivr and Crm

IVRS is a powerful Call processing environment that allows you to build custom, Interactive Voice applications that allows callers to access information stored in databases, text files, network drives or virtually anywhere. It is easy to learn and easy use by new and expert users. A set of predefined commands or nodes provides you with a way to easily create complex and flexible call flows, which have features like Call Transfer, FAX on Demand, Text to speech and Speech Recognition.

IVRS can connect to any ODBC or OLE-DB compliant database apart from MS Access, MS SQL, Oracle etc. It comes with a user-friendly interface, which makes the system configuration an easy task. Its hardware support makes it possible to run different applications simultaneously

1. Easy to Install and Configure - Easy to learn and use for novice users and powerful enough to meet the exacting needs of experienced programmers. Fast and easy system set up and configuration.

2. User definable call flows - Predefined standard nodes which handle most of the tasks automatically. The predefined nodes are:

3. Call flow wizard - allows the user to design call flows easily.

4. Database Connectivity-Gen IVRS can connect to virtually any database and make the stored information available to callers through the standards based ODBC or OLE-DB interfaces. Gen IVR can also retrieve information from callers and insert information into the database. Supported Databases include:

  • Oracle
  • Microsoft
  • Access
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft
  • SQL Server

IVR customer benefit summary

  • Cutting edge VoIP technology
  • 24 hour access to ordinary public information
  • 24 hour access to emergency public information
  • Friendly patient reminders for doctor and dentist appointments
  • Call center integration so that customers can change appointment schedules
  • Multilingual support so that the same information can be accessed by non-English speaking patrons/citizens