Virtualization and Cloud Computing

Server virtualization


ARC through our partnership with leading virtualization vendors provides solutions for Server Virtualization. As organizations grow in size the need for computing also increases. The need for computing results in growing server sprawl which again results in high Data Center Operations cost. ARC addresses this problem providing efficient Server Virtualization solutions. Server virtualization is the masking of server resources, including the number and identity of individual physical servers, processors, and operating systems, from server users. The server administrator uses a software application to divide one physical server into multiple isolated virtual environments.

In line with the market trend of “go green” by spending less money on hardware purchases and managing more data with less hardware, we offer server virtualization solutions to optimize customers IT infrastructure, enable business continuity and speed up their software development by automating the setup, sharing and storage of multi-machine configurations. Customers can provision new virtual machines in minutes and react faster to business demands.

Al Rostamani Communications LLC as a leader in cloud computing and virtualization migration and support. Cloud computing and virtualization are gaining momentum and are becoming a reality.

Storage Virtualization


Storage virtualization is the pooling of physical storage from multiple network storage de vices into what appears to be a single storage device that is managed from a central console. Storage virtualization is commonly used in a storage area network (SAN). The management of storage devices can be tedious and time-consuming. Storage virtualization helps the storage administrator perform the tasks of backup, archiving, and recovery more easily, and in less time, by disguising the actual complexity of the SAN and protect existing investment in storage assets

ARC provides Storage virtualization solution through its partnership with leading Storage vendors whose software environment incorporates storage virtualization technology that simplifies enterprise data management while dramatically reducing TCO. Since storage virtualization enables a logical presentation of data based on virtual storage pools that are not constrained by physical storage infrastructure, attention can be focused on critical business applications instead of hardware complexity.

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Desktop Virtualization


ARC‘s Desktop virtualization process involves encapsulating and delivering either access to an entire information system environment or the environment itself to a remote client device. The client device may use an entirely different hardware architecture from that used by the projected desktop environment, and may also be based upon an entirely different operating system.

The desktop virtualization model allows the use of virtual machines to let multiple network subscribers maintain individualized desktops on a single, centrally located computer or server. The central machine may operate at a residence, business, or data center. Users may be geographically scattered, but all may be connected to the central machine by a local area network, a wide area network, or the public Internet.

The shared resources model inherent in desktop virtualization offers advantages over the traditional model, in which every computer operates as a completely self-contained unit with its own operating system, peripherals, and application programs. Overall hardware expenses may diminish as users can share resources allocated to them on an as-needed basis. Virtualization potentially improves the data integrity of user information because all data can be maintained and backed-up in the data center.

Cloud Computing


There is an increasingly strong consensus among IT decision-makers, analysts, suppliers and business leaders that cloud computing represents a fundamental and far-reaching change in the way IT is sourced, delivered and managed. It presents organizations with the opportunity to access infrastructure, systems, platforms, data, services and even business processes as standardized, interoperable components on a self-service, pay-per-usage basis that can be scaled up and down as rapidly as needed.

Over the few years, ARC through its strong partnership with world’s leading cloud service providers has created the industry’s broadest portfolio of cloud solutions and services that underpin its vision of how cloud will transform business and society, both today and in the future. As customers progressively move to new cloud models, we are working with them — alongside our hardware vendors, software partners — to ensure deployments address core IT challenges and maximize the business potential.

cloud computing and virtualization cloud technology Dubai UAE cloud computing and virtualization cloud technology Dubai UAE